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Rebuild Joplin Better

Joplin Storm Shelters CLICK HERE

Joplin Tool Lending
Tool lending program for Joplin Residents

The Red Guide to Recovery

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Make it better than before

Please don't throw it all away!

Making it more efficient, lower cost & safer

Green Town Joplin

Lowes Katrina Cottages

Monolithic Dome

Local Home Builder Association

Better Business Bureau

Joplin Chamber of Commerce

Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce

Rebuild it Smarter & Stronger (FEMA)

Stress Panel MFR INC
104 S Industrial Dr
Arma, KS 66712
(620) 347-8200

Green Power Science

Safe Sheds

Solar Energy from Stitt

Missouri Storm Shelters

Stitt Energy

Protect Your Property or Business from Disaster (FEMA)
If you aren’t sure whether your property or business is at risk from disasters caused by natural hazards, check with your local building official, city engineer, or planning and zoning administrator. They can tell you whether you are in an area where hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, or tornadoes are likely to occur. Also, they usually can tell you how to protect yourself, your house, business and property from the different hazards.

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Protect Your Business from All Natural Hazards

Protect Business Records and Inventory

Install a Generator for Emergency Power

Protect Your Property from an Earthquake 

Anchor Large Equipment Properly

Anchor Tall Bookcases and File Cabinets

Anchor and Brace Propane Tanks and Gas Cylinders

Bolt Sill Plates to Foundation

Brace Cripple Walls

Install Latches on Drawers and Cabinet Doors

Mount Framed Pictures and Mirrors Securely

Restrain Desktop Computers and Appliances

Use Flexible Connections on Gas and Water Lines

Protect Your Property from Fire
Dealing with Vegetation and Combustible Materials

Replace Roofing with Fire-Resistant Materials

Protect Your Property from Flooding

Build With Flood Damage Resistant Materials

Raise Electrical System Components

Anchor Fuel Tanks

Install Sewer Backflow Valves

Protect Your Property from High Winds

Maintain EIFS Walls

Protect Windows and Doors with Covers

Reinforce or Replace Garage Doors

Remove Trees and Potential Windborne Missiles

Secure Metal Siding and Metal Roofs

Secure Built-Up and Single-Ply Roofs

Secure Composition Shingle Roofs

Brace Gable End Roof Framing

International Green Builder Expo


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