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Joplin--One of 6 Finalists Selected
Out of seven hundred cities, the City of Joplin was among thirty selected to participate in the “Best of the Road” contest, which is hosted by Rand McNally and USA Today

Joplin tornado house is shrink-wrapped

Joplin Mercy Clinic, Response, Recovery, and Rebuilding

Audience learns about tornadoes
A large number of area citizens joined fire, police and ambulance department personnel at an annual severe weather class held March 6, 2012, on the campus of Missouri Southern State University-Joplin.

Joplin Independent

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Joplin Human Services Campus


State of Missouri Resource, Recovery & Rebuilding Center is open at
705 Illinois Ave
Building A, Suite 12
Joplin MO
8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday

Important info on driver licenses etc for tornado victims

The Joplin Globe
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a nearly $1.3 million contract to Hunter Modular Construction Co., Jonesburg, for modular buildings to serve as temporary classrooms for Irving Elementary School pupils.

From the Joplin Globe

At least $10 million in contributions and pledges has been received so far by major organizations giving front-line services to tornado victims and those already trying to plan what will come in the area’s future.

The calculation is based on estimates from officials of those groups and larger announced donations and pledges. It does not include the hundreds of smaller donations that have come in to those groups and to other agencies, churches and organizations also involved in the effort.

The American Red Cross has received about $4.5 million in contributions and pledges so far; the Salvation Army, $3 million; United Way agencies, $1.3 million; Community Foundation of Southwest Missouri, more than $1 million; and the Joplin Business Recovery Fund, $100,000.


WHEREAS, on April 22, 2011, by Executive Order 11-06, I declared a State of Emergency and directed the Missouri State Emergency Operations Plan to be activated; and

WHEREAS, on May, 20, 2011, by Executive Order 11-09, I extended the declaration of emergency contained in Executive Order 11-06 through June 20, 2011; and

WHEREAS, on May 22, 2011, the City of Joplin was hit by a tornado and severe storms causing a natural disaster of historic proportions; and

WHEREAS, many citizens of the State of Missouri living in this area have suffered great hardship and have been impaired in their ability to conduct normal activities including, but not limited to, the regular titling and registration of motor vehicles and obtaining an acceptable form of identification.

NOW THEREFORE, I, JEREMIAH W. (JAY) NIXON, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF MISSOURI, by virtue of the authority vested in me by Chapter 44, RSMo, do hereby order:

For those citizens of the State of Missouri who submit sufficient proof to the Director of Revenue that their driver license, no driver license, certificate of motor vehicle ownership, number plate, or tabs issued by the Director of Revenue have been lost or destroyed as a result of the recent tornado that hit the City of Joplin, the Director shall issue such citizen a duplicate or replacement if such citizen is otherwise eligible for such duplicate or replacement under law, and the Director shall waive all state fees and charges otherwise due for such duplicate or replacement.

This order shall terminate on June 20, 2011, unless extended in whole or in part.


Gov. Nixon visits Joplin Career Center to announce WIB grant for jobs in tornado recovery

Gov. Jay Nixon visited Joplin today to make a formal announcement of an initial $5.8 million investment to the WIB to establish the Missouri Disaster Recovery Jobs Program, which will create temporary jobs for workers who were left unemployed by last week’s devastating tornado.

The program, which will be funded through the federal Workforce Investment Act, will employ more than 400 workers in temporary jobs to assist with clean-up and humanitarian efforts in Jasper and Newton counties. Under the program, the first priority will be to employ workers who lost their job because of the tornado. Second priority will go to workers who are unemployed for other reasons.

“As I’ve said from the beginning, we will rebuild Joplin,” Gov. Nixon said. “And putting folks back to work is a vital part of that process. This investment will employ more than 400 workers who have temporarily lost their jobs because of the tornado, and it will give us additional manpower to augment the efforts of the National Guard and expedite the clean-up process. If folks are looking for work, I urge them to contact the Joplin Career Center today to learn more about this opportunity.”

The jobs created under this program will focus on clean-up and humanitarian efforts, such as clearing and removing debris. Gov. Nixon has designated the Missouri National Guard as the state’s point agency on debris removal and clearance, so the Division of Workforce Development and the Workforce Investment Board of Southwest Missouri are coordinating closely with the Guard on job opportunities and placement.

The program will provide job and safety training and equipment for each worker, in addition to vaccinations or other preventive medical procedures necessary to work in the disaster area. Wages will be commensurate with individual workers’ job requirements and skills.

The Division of Workforce Development and the Workforce Investment Board of Southwest Missouri are overseeing the application, recruitment and placement process through the Joplin Career Center.

Missourians who are interested in a temporary clean-up or humanitarian job should visit the Joplin Career Center at 730 S. Wall Ave., Joplin (across from Memorial Hall), or call 417-629-3000. Missourians also can learn more about the program at The Bridge, 3405 Hammons Blvd., Joplin, MO, and the offices of the Workforce Investment Board, 105 N. Range Line Road in Joplin.

Gov. Nixon was joined at this announcement today by David Kerr, director of the Missouri Department of Economic Development; Jason Jones, executive director of the Workforce Investment Board of Southwest Missouri; and Col. William Ward, the commander of the Missouri National Guard’s Task Force Phoenix, which is leading debris clearance and removal for the state of Missouri.  Pictured with Gov. Nixon are board members of the WIB.

WIB receives $5.8 million grant for temp employment in tornado recovery

The U.S. Department of Labor today announced a $5,822,352 National Emergency Grant to assist with clean-up and recovery efforts in the wake of tornado damage in Missouri, including the May 22 tornado that devastated Joplin.

������The incredible damage that this latest tornado has inflicted on the people of Joplin is unprecedented,������� said Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis. “The Labor Department’s grant will assist affected Missouri communities with clean-up efforts that will help lead to a sustained recovery for the region.”

The funds are being awarded to the Missouri Division of Workforce Development and the Workforce Investment Board of Southwest Missouri. Through the outreach of the Missouri Career Center and several local partners, the funds will be used to create temporary jobs to assist in recovery efforts.

“In addition to the devastation of lost homes and loved ones, many families now have income gaps from the loss of jobs,” noted Jason Jones, the WIB’s Executive Director. “Through this grant, we can help fill those gaps and retain Joplin’s talented workforce to the region for a time when those businesses can rebuild and rehire.”

Jones and his colleagues have studied the effects of other natural disasters on a local labor market. The WIB is seeking resources that will help residents avoid having to re-locate for work, but rather be trained and ready for the return of jobs to the Joplin region.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency declared several Missouri counties, including Jasper and Newton, eligible for FEMA’s Public Assistance Program following recent severe storms, tornadoes and flooding. Jasper and Newton counties have been targeted to receive assistance under this grant. Additional counties may be included at a later date if further evaluation warrants their inclusion. More information on designated disaster areas in Missouri is available from FEMA at

National Emergency Grants are part of the secretary of labor’s discretionary fund and are awarded based on a state’s ability to meet specific guidelines. For more information, visit More information about the Workforce Investment Board of Southwest Missouri and the WIB’s local recovery efforts may be tracked online at


Local and National News:

Ozarks first (Joplin, MO)  --  A "direct hit." That's how officials are describing the tornado that tore through the town of Joplin, Missouri.  The Sunday afternoon twister killed at least 89 people and injured many more, but officials warn the death toll could reach as high as 100. "I would say 75% of the town is virtually gone," said Kathy Dennis of the American Red Cross. Joplin Vice Mayor Melodee Colbert-Kean says the town is in a state of "chaos." President Obama says in a statement his "deepest condolences" go out to the victims' families. Jasper County emergency management director Keith Stammer as many at 7,000 structures could end up being damaged citywide.  Meteorologists say the twister was "rain-wrapped," meaning it would have been nearly impossible to see. The massive tornado, estimated to be an EF4, blasted a six-mile path across southwest Missouri. The Joplin mayor has declared a local disaster and Governor Jay Nixon has deployed the Missouri National Guard and declared a state of emergency. "It's total devastation, with a hospital down, the high school down, other areas," he said Sunday night. "We just want to make sure that as the night goes on, we're saving lives between now and dawn." The Missouri Department of Public Safety deployed search and rescue teams, medical personnel, and heavy equipment Sunday night into Monday morning. Empire Electric says about 20,000 people remain without power in the area. Buildings Demolished Around 5:30 p.m. Sunday, the multi-vortex tornado was reported near 13th and Range Line Road (a major thoroughfare) with several buildings -- including a Wal-Mart -- toppled to the ground. The tornado slammed into St. John's Hospital, doing damage from the top to the bottom of the building. One witness reported seeing a victim blown out of the building when the twister hit. Portions of the top of St. John's Hospital were sheared off. There were 183 patients inside the building at that time; at least 25 people had been taken to St. John's in Springfield by 4 a.m. Monday. A triage operation was set up in the hospital's parking lot. Those in critical condition were sent to Freeman Health Systems. There were concerns about an explosion at the medical facility. There were also concerns there about a possible gas leak. Memorial Hall, in downtown Joplin, served as a makeshift hospital where nurses and emergency workers treated patients. Meanwhile, a mobile morgue was set up at Missouri Southern State University. The Joplin High School at 20th and Indiana was damaged. The graduation was Sunday, but it held at Missouri Southern. Franklin Technical School was destroyed. The Home Depot, Payless Shoes, Walgreens, Academy Sports, and Pizza Hut were also heavily damaged in that area. Plaza apartments and storage facilities behind the Wal-Mart at 15th street also received damage. Parts of the city were unrecognizable, according to Steve Polley, a storm chaser from Kansas City who described the damage as "complete devastation." Emergency Response Cox Health and St. John's health systems in Springfield sent help to the scene after gathering at the fairgrounds. Drivers along I-44 were quick to note a barrage of emergency vehicles heading east and west. However, a major barrier stood in their way. Interstate 44 was closed along mile marker 18 in Joplin due to the overturned traffic and uprooted signs. The Red Cross says volunteers were mobilized and a shelter had been set up at Missouri Southern State College at 3950 E. Newman Road in Joplin at the Leggett & Platt Athletic Center. Nurses or doctors looking to help have been told to call (417) 832-9500 for the Greater Ozarks chapter of the American Red Cross. Click here for a list of Red Cross shelters. The Missouri State Highway Patrol is asking all first responders to go to Joplin to a command post at 34th & Main. The City and Joplin R-8 are coordinating transportation to help those left homeless due to tornado.  People can go to the following locations and a bus will take them to the shelter. 1.  Junge Stadium on 13th Street; 2.  Forest Park Baptist Church, 7th & Range Line 3.  Lowe's 24th & Range Line 4.  Vintage Stock, 32nd & Main. Happy Tails Farm in Pittsburg, Kansas, is open to help take in the displaced animals from the Joplin tornado until their families can claim or long-term rescue can be found. Call (620) 875-9821 or (620) 875-0280. FEMA says it has also been in constant contact with officials at the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency since the severe weather hit. The city of Branson on Sunday evening sent a fire truck and five firefighters to help with recovery. Residents are also asked to stay home, allowing  rescue workers to do their jobs. Click here to learn how you can help the victims. Meanwhile, all city employees have been asked to report to work.    City officials Joplin are also asking residents to limit the amount of water they use.  They say firefighters need all the water they can get to battle blazes across the area, sparked by the tornado. Dazed residents are on the streets of the neighborhood, helping some into wheelchairs, crying and hugging each other, and working with police and firefighters as they begin the process of accounting for everyone. Debris in the Ozarks Debris from Sunday's storm has been reported several miles away.  "I live in Nixa and just found a Check from Joplin Mo dated in 1980," Emily Deese tells  KOLR/KSFX. "We found a picture and part of immunization record and a laminated hymn of the Lord's Prayer," says Jennie Twyman in Brighton. "And half a check from 1967." Vikki Hanks in Eudora says she found a fishing bucket, baseball, picture, and a prescription paper in her backyard (see photo below). "That means it traveled 46.2 miles," says her daughter. "We live 46 minutes away from Joplin." Residents 70 miles away from Joplin in Dade County were finding X-rays from St. John's in their driveways, said Foreman, indicating the size and power of the twister. Path of Destruction Between mile markers 10 and 12 on I-44, there were reports of trees stripped of bark and more than 20 semi trucks and cars overturned. About two miles southeast of Joplin, the neighborhood at 22nd and Blackcat road saw massive damage to homes and trees, with people trapped in debris. The National Weather Service also reported a tornado on the ground just north of Pierce City around 6:30 p.m. and a possible tornado on the ground near Freistatt at 6:40 p.m.  Structures were reported damaged on Highway 97 north of Pierce City. Power poles were reported down across Highway V and the highway was ruled impassible with tornado damage. There were also reports of trees down ten miles north of Rogersville and 6805 Highway KK. Later in the day, there were reports of houses and mobile damage along with numerous trees down on Horse Creek Road east of Galena in Stone County. The National Weather Service says there was also house damage on Bass Hollow Road east of Coon Ridge Road.  A home was reportedly destroyed on Highway AA about a mile east of Highway 413. Storms have hit more than nine states, and watches and warnings continue into the early morning hours in some areas.


Ozarks First
(Jefferson City, MO) -- Governor Jay Nixon has activated the Missouri National Guard in response to tornadoes and severe storms that moved through the state earlier Sunday evening. From an official statement: The storms have caused significant destruction in multiple areas, including Joplin, where a tornado struck St. John's Regional Medical Center. The Governor has declared a state of emergency in Missouri and activated the State Emergency Operations Center. State and local law enforcement agencies, including fire mutual aid, are coordinating search and rescue and recovery operations. The Missouri State Highway Patrol also is deploying troopers from other regions to support local officers in southern Missouri. Specialized emergency response teams, including Missouri's Disaster Medical Assistance Team 1 (MO-1 DMAT) are deploying to the area to provide aid and assistance. "These storms have caused extensive damage across Missouri, and they continue to pose significant risk to lives and property," Gov. Nixon said. "As a state, we are deploying every agency and resource available to keep Missouri families safe, search for the missing, provide emergency medical care, and begin to recover. I have ordered the Missouri National Guard to deploy Citizen-Soldiers and assets to support local law enforcement agencies with emergency coordination and recovery, and other state assets have been mobilized to provide emergency support as well. I urge Missourians to keep a close eye on the latest weather information and to follow the instructions and warnings of emergency personnel as these deadly storms continue to move through our state." Missourians who need disaster information, shelter information or referrals are urged to call 211. The 211 service number is now available for most areas in Missouri. In areas where the 211 number is not operational, citizens can call 800-427-4626. Weather and emergency information also are available on the state of Missouri's website,

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