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Database of Joplin jobs & resources

If you're looking for work in Joplin have you considered volunteering? It looks great on a resume! While your waiting on a call back you could be networking with potential employers and helping the community

Find a Job at Freeman


Help For Jobless

Jobs at MSSU

Merit System Jobs

City of Joplin Jobs

Marten Jobs

Advanced Medical Jobs

National Guard Jobs

UPS Jobs

OCC Student Employment

MO IT Careers

Teaching Jobs

Federal Jobs

File for Unemployment Insurance
& Get Re-Employment Info.

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

Workforce Investment Board
105 N. Range line Road
(lower level on east side of US Bank building near Northpark Mall)

Missouri Career Center
730 S. Wall Ave.

(across from Memorial Hall)
417-629-3011 Fax

Job Fairs & Workshops

Ozark Center
Apply at Freeman HR dept

2639 E 32nd St Ste W · Joplin
(417) 624-1911

3130 Wisconsin Ave # 2, Joplin
(417) 781-1009

2660 E 32nd St, #103
Joplin, MO
(417) 781-8572

Labor Finders
1331 E 4th St, Joplin, MO  
(417) 782-8700
5am to 6pm M-F Sat 6-8am
2 ID's Required

Express Employment Professionals
1710 E 32nd St, Ste A,
Joplin, MO
(417) 623-6500 

Missouri Disaster Recovery Jobs Program

Workers who are unable to work due to the tornado that struck Joplin on May 22 can apply for temporary jobs to restore Joplin. The jobs will focus on clean-up and humanitarian efforts, such as clearing and removing debris. Under the Missouri Disaster Recovery Jobs Program, the first priority will be to employ workers who lost their job because of the tornado. Second priority will go to workers who are unemployed for other reasons. Job and safety training and equipment will be provided for each worker, in addition to vaccinations or other preventive medical procedures necessary to work in the disaster area.

To apply for a job under the Missouri Disaster Recovery Job Program…

  • You must be eventually registered with the program by going to You can register now. This is not an application, but will speed your application process when the time comes.
  • Visit the Joplin Career Center (730 S. Wall Ave., 417-629-3000) or the The Workforce Investment Board (105 N. Range line Road), between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to apply.

Anyone who lost a job due to the tornado may qualify for a temporary job through the Missouri Career Center Joplin. You must be registered with us by going to You can register now. This is not an application, but will speed your application process when the time comes.

Joplin Jobs /  Employment Online

Beware of Parasite Websites in Your Search

Just a heads up... Monster, Career Builder and Linkedin are major players in the online job arena. Although I would much rather support small business there are many sites that are simply parasites and provide no original content.

Google seems to love them???

This means their only purpose in existing is not to help you or anyone else but to make money for the owner or webmaster with no original work or input other than writing a program to leech

If you confirm a parasite send me a post on the side of this page. Make sure and include some way to contact you back.

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