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Finding Joplin Information 

Please don't be discouraged if you are having trouble  finding the resources you need. There are numerous resources on this site and numerous links to other sites also with good information.

only search Joplin Tornado
(Search will be online as soon as Google indexes this website)

If you want ask Bing why old news and websites with limited or no information show up on search results but pages like these do not

For Google
As for Yahoo they seem to be in collusion with Microsoft and no other autonomous Search Engine appears to exist so Not sure what to advise (suggestions welcome)

Here is one shortcut to finding keywords on a webpage

  • Locate your edit button on your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc,)
  • In Internet Explorer make sure your "Menu Bar" is visible (file, edit, view etc buttons)
  • If it is not Right Click at the top of the page and select "Menu bar"
  • Click on the "Edit' button
  • Click the "Find on this page" button
  • Type the word you are looking for in the box
  • Then you can go from page to page and only have to click previous & next 
  • TRY IT!!!

This also works when searching for a particular website in a Google, Bing or Startpage Search

  • Select your search such as "Joplin Tornado" or Joplin Tornado Info
  • Locate and select the find button
  • Then type the site you are looking for or a piece of it such as "joplintornado" or " and click next or previous
  • Then click your desired link

When searching Google most of the first pages are OLD NEWS from wealthy sources

To help with your search in Google

Locate and click on the options button (usually a little gear on the upper right)

Select the "Search Settings" button

Scroll Down to the Google Instant area and select "Do not use Google Instant"

Now you can go down one section to the "Number of Results" Area and select "100"

At this point you can scroll and look for relevant sites yourself or use the find (find is easier) by selecting

Those of you with internet access in your homes & businesses. Please offer to help people locate the resources they need. Whether you're in Joplin, New York or Los Angeles you can help!!!

Don't be afraid to ask anyone for help or information. If you find something you believe others would find useful please add it to the specific page or our
contact page

Still having trouble

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Call the Info Line 417-429-4051

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